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how hair products regrow hair

If you have struggled with hair loss you know how difficult it can be.  People have a hard time letting go of their hair as they age and they seek treatments that can help in any way.  This is a natural thing for many men to go through but we even see it in a […]

What are the best hair regrowth products for Women

hair regrowth products for Women Hair regrowth products for Women are out there due to women losing hair because of stress, health issues and more.  Woman need a product that can help their hair come back to life for whatever reason and Monat is just that. With top of the line ingredients and a heavily […]


What to do about thin hair to make it fuller and thicker

Thick tresses like Rapunzel can be your dearly nurtured dream, but can you really afford to have it in the present days, when you are having a hectic lifestyle. Hardly you get enough time to take care of your hair. Worse more is the pollution that takes a cruel toll on your healthy hair. And, […]

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Dealing with hair loss after chemo therapy

You might not know the importance of your hair until you start losing it. The chance of losing your hair is very real if by any chance you have cancer and are about to undergo chemotherapy. One of the most common side effects which both men and women complain about after being diagnosed with cancer […]


How Fulvic Acid Will Make Your Hair Healthier and Thicker

Strong hair is an indication of optimum health. Fulvic acid contains organic polymers and string acids that are derived from sediments, sea and aquatic locations. These acids and polymers contribute towards making your hair stronger and healthier. However, don’t confuse this acid with humic acid, as both these acids differ in the pH level. In […]

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Why Monat is different from other Hair Products?

  Hair care has become the buzz word of the day. Chemical laden products are advertised with superb models, and often we do think they can support us in the process of making the hair thick, long, strong and lustrous. Seldom do we know that they are the major threats to hair care. Monat products […]