How Fulvic Acid Will Make Your Hair Healthier and Thicker


Strong hair is an indication of optimum health. Fulvic acid contains organic polymers and string acids that are derived from sediments, sea and aquatic locations. These acids and polymers contribute towards making your hair stronger and healthier. However, don’t confuse this acid with humic acid, as both these acids differ in the pH level.

In the recent studies, it has been found that the fulvic minerals present in the fulvic acid, change the quality of the hair. Good hair help in drawing out several toxic materials like heavy metals. Basically, fulvic acid performs two main functions. These are:

  • Transports the nutrients in the body.
  • Removes harmful toxins.

Let us here discuss the healthy effects of fulvic acid on our hair.

fulvic-acid for stronger hair

Helps in regeneration of cell

The polymer secreted by the fulvic acid improves the adenosine triphosphate production level in our body. Some studies also reveal that it also releases keratin which is an important component in the growth of hair and nails. Fulvic acid also boosts the production of the protein “energy of cells,” that helps in the transport of energy to the cells.

When we are healthy, the growth of our hair and nails is increased and when we are stressed, there is imbalance in the growth. This increases the toxin level, which can be controlled with the intake of fulvic acid.

Anti-inflammatory effects

One of the most common hair loss is androgenic alopecia, which is caused due to inflammation. Fulvic acid alters the pathway of the arachidonic acid which is the main inflammatory intermediate in our body. Studies have shown that the application of fulvic acid on patients suffering from atopic dermatitis and eczema, relieves them. It efficiently increases and improves the delivery of the nutrients and their uses.


Fulvic acid acts as a natural chelating agent which binds the various metal atoms. The chelating shampoos prevent the minerals adherence. It absorbs the cadmium metal, which damages the hair. These may be very beneficial after you swim, as the pool contains many heavy metals, some of which may damage your hair. However, with this acid, it absorbs the metals thereby reduces their effect.

Boosts the nutrient transport in the scalp

Certain components of fulvic acid penetrate deep into the human skin, therefore, making them efficient to be used for the pharmacological purposes. It acts as a natural boost to enhance the penetration efficiency, thereby, helping in the absorption process of many ingredients. It helps in the mitigation of free radicals and reduces the oxidation of the hair. It increases the APT energy supplier and as a result, also increases the energy of the cell. Fulvic acid is best recommended for those who are suffering from low levels of iron serum in their scalp.


Fulvic acid has multiple benefits on the health system of our body. The proper intake of this acid in our diet would help in improving the hair quality and strengthen them.  It acts as a chelating agent, penetration-enhancer and an antioxidant, hence, improving the hair growth. These benefits of fulvic acid makes them a must intake in our daily diet to improve the health of our hair.

Contributed by: Dawn Veale, Hair Care Expert.

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