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If you have struggled with hair loss you know how difficult it can be.  People have a hard time letting go of their hair as they age and they seek treatments that can help in any way.  This is a natural thing for many men to go through but we even see it in a woman at times. This can be due to stress, hormones, age and other factors.  Your hair is apart of who you are. To combat this hair thinning and lose issue people have worked around the clock to come up with formulas via shampoos and vitamins that may help.  Start the process at the first sign of hair loss. Saving the follicle from dying off is critical.

Does Monat regrow hair?

Does Monat regrow hair?  Yes, this is one method of saving your hair from hair loss.  It helps with stressed hair. We lose our hair for various reasons and stress can be one of them.  To get your hair more rejuvenated, the Monat system has a line up for great oils and vitamins that feed your scalp and help with hair regrowth.  Things like the sun, environment, what you eat can all play factors in the health of your hair. The Monat line up offers to combat these stressors for a better look and feel to your hair and eventually seeing new hair growth as well.  A healthy scalp means better chances of hair regrowth.


Male Pattern Baldness

Hormones are the number one reason for hair loss.  There are several ways people try to combat hair loss.  One is to stop the production of the hormone DHT, which is the root of male pattern baldness.  This method is not a cure for male pattern baldness but can slow it down as long as the patient takes the medication regularly.  This can stop the hair loss in about 90% of patients. If you stop taking this medication it you will continue to lose your hair.  As this is a supplement that will help your body have what it needs to keep your hair.

Monat Product for Thinning Hair

With the hormones being put back into the body.  And with the use of Monat products for thinning hair and the other great products offered, you can see a true difference.  Your hair changes in just a few weeks. This is combating the hair loss from the inside and out. The Monat line up feeds the hair follicle at the root.  It must be used at the first signs of hair thinning to be the most effective.

Some options that are out there like Rogain or Minoxidil that scientists aren’t exactly sure why it works.  But, it does help 2 out of 3 men keep their hair. This is used twice a day on dry hair and applied to the scalp.  It takes quite a bit of time to start working, could be up to 4-5 months.

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Contributed by: Dawn Veale foremost expert in hair care and treatments for thinning hair.

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