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Why Monat is different from other Hair Products?

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Hair care has become the buzz word of the day. Chemical laden products are advertised with superb models, and often we do think they can support us in the process of making the hair thick, long, strong and lustrous. Seldom do we know that they are the major threats to hair care. Monat products however differ from the rest in the market. No, this is not a clichéd statement that any product claims to allure customers.

Getting to know what makes Monat products stand out in the crowd is essential if you want to find if this statement is reliable.

Devoid of harmful chemicals:


No Harmful Chemicals

Parabens and sulfates are components of any hair care product you find in the market, especially the shampoos. They can mimic the action of estrogen, which can lead to breast cancer. Sulfates are degenerative and break the proteins and leave filtrate in the organs like heart, lung and liver. Sulfate can also counteract its duty. That is instead of protecting the hair and scalp, which a product containing it should do, it leads to dry and irrigated hair. Eventually hair fall is what experienced while hair growth is expected. Monat says, it contains no sulfates and parabens,   and it means it. It also contains no harmful chemicals like BHT, Phthalates,  Triclosan, DEA, Plastic Microbeads, and Cylcic Silicones.

Monat also strictly waves a red flag at glutens. Fragrances and colors are often the mesmerizing part of the hair care products in the market. Marketing gimmicks have trained the consumers to go for a product based on the added colors and fragrances. These 2 can cause more damage anyone can imagine. However, FDA, International Research Institute of Fragrance, have listed safe colors and fragrances that do no harm to the users. Monat uses such safe components.

Animals are never tortured:

If you are a peace loving individual, definitely you would care about the innocent animals. Thousands of them are tortured to test a product on their skin and body. Monart does not any harm, and never tests its products on animals. You can be worry free and guilt free as these products have never harmed any animal. Not only testing, even the manufacturing part has nothing to do with the animals. No animal origin ingredients are used. This is an out and out vegan product that is designed to make the customers dream of owning beautiful hair come true.

No toxic motto of Monat ensures that you lose no hair, and grow more hair.


Try MONAT™ and See the Results for Yourself




Contributed by: Dawn Veale Expert hair care expert.

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